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Who gets type 2 diabetes?

Diverse crowd of people.Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes.  Ninety in every hundred people with diabetes across the world have type 2.

There are almost 3.5 million people who have been diagnosed with diabetes in the UK. The majority will have type 2 diabetes. It is thought that a further 1.1 million people have the condition but are unaware of it. 

Several factors make developing the condition more likely. Type 2 diabetes is more common in those who:

  • are South Asian, African-Caribbean or Middle Eastern
  • are overweight or obese
  • are over 40
  • have a close relative with type 2 diabetes
  • have a waist measuring more than 31.5 inches (80cm) for women or more than 37 inches (94cm) for men
  • have had impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glycaemia
  • have had gestational diabetes.