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What is self-management?


Key fact:
Studies have shown that people who know more about diabetes have better control of their blood glucose levels and develop fewer complications.

You are the most important part of your diabetes team

Your diabetes team spends up to 3 hours per year managing your diabetes.

You spend 8760 hours every year living with your diabetes.

The decisions you make have a much bigger impact on your diabetes care than those made by your diabetes team.

What can I do?

Self-management involves taking responsibility for your own health and having an active role in managing your treatment. For most people with diabetes, self-management means three things:

1. Looking after your health and managing your diabetes.

  • Looking after yourself includes things like taking your medication every day and having regular check-ups. 

2. Making changes in your life

3. Dealing with any negative emotions

  • Managing negative feelings, may be an issue when living with diabetes. Common problems are anger, fear, frustration or depression.  

If you take the time to find out about diabetes and get explanations that make sense to you, it becomes much easier to understand what you need to do. You'll see how to improve your health and work out the right way to solve any problems you encounter.

What skills do I need?

To look after yourself well you will need to develop the ability to:

Learning to self-manage

This 3-minute video will help you understand the most important aspects of looking after your diabetes. 
To play this video you will need audio and you may need the Flash plug-in. To watch it full screen, click the expand button Expand  at the bottom right of the video.

Learning to self-manage